Thais Gibson:

Transformation and Life Mastery

Result-Oriented Workshops in Transformation and Healing

Thais' Workshop:

The Transformation and Life Mastery Program is a ground-breaking approach to personal development and healing. The initial part of the program is designed to help you identify your authentic needs, values, and mission in order to create a fulfilled and inspiring life. The second aspect of the program is designed to help you transform your personal barriers in the form of: negative emotions, limiting beliefs, subconscious self-sabotage strategies, and negative thought-patterns. It is designed to help you understand how your mind works, how to maximize productivity, harness your emotions to empower you, and allow you to feel truly alive. This program includes a workbook, a money-back guarantee if your life isn’t completely transformed, and follow-up support.

The Four Week Itinerary:

TLM hosts weekly workshops that assist people in developing all different areas of their lives. We share tools, provide workshops, and focus in on extremely efficient, effective tactics for personal development.

We work on many key aspects of life that pertain to success, fulfillment, emotional management, behavior, productivity, connection, and love. Below is the weekly itinerary. If you are not completely fulfilled, 100% money back guarantee!

1st Week Each Month: Life Purpose and Procrastination

2nd Week Each Month: Money, Strategies and Transforming Emotional Baggage

3rd Week Each Month: Healing our Relationships to Ourselves and Others as well as Overcoming Trauma

4th Week of Each Month: Mind Mastery: The Subconscious, Inner Dialogue and Behavior

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