Thais Gibson:

Transformation and Life Mastery

Result-Oriented Workshops in Transformation and Healing

Thais Gibson:

My name is Thais Gibson and I am a personal development expert. I have a BSc. in psychology/sociology. I have been trained and certified in NLP, CBT, Life Coaching, The Overview Method for Trauma, and much more. I love to connect with others, and I love to teach!

TLM Program Testimonials

“This was the best workshop I've ever been to. I learned some incredible tools for productivity, life purpose, changing my subconscious patterns, and improving my relationships. Each day is full of impressive information that gives me a way to create lasting results in my life. I have woken up inspired to conquer life every day since attending.”

— Graham T., Guelph, ON

“In the TLM program, you gain a deeper understanding of your values and how your subconscious mind will always find a way to draw you back to those values when you are living a life that is out of alignment with your true self. Having a wealth of knowledge in personal development, Thais guides you with compassion, empathy and grace through a series of exercises that help you to examine who you are and how you perceive your reality. The realizations I made around my own perceptions have helped me tremendously. I now feel empowered to create a life that fulfills me.”

— Tara M., Toronto, ON

“The TLM program was phenomenal. It was exactly what I needed. I gained so much clarity about my life’s purpose and direction, I understood and overcame many of my fears, developed strategies to execute my life’s plans, and removed so much emotional baggage from the past. It was a life-changing four weeks for me. I’m very grateful that I made the important decision to better my life.”

— Mike D., Toronto, ON

"What a great sense of community and learning. My life has radically improved as a result of the TLM series. I can't thank Thais enough, and myself for making this investment in my life!"

- Melissa B., Toronto, ON

"5 stars! I learned so much about myself. I have much more clarity on my life, as well as what I need for fulfillment. I'm so glad I attended. My life has been transformed!"

- Jennifer S., Mississauga, ON

"This changed the way I see everything! I am so thanful for this class. I released a lot of my baggage and have more certainty moving forward. I'm grateful to have learned so much."

- Theresa P., Toronto, ON

"I have healed so much, and grown significantly. Thais is extremely supportive, knowledgeable and passionate. Five stars for sure."

- Michael H., Toronto, ON

"After doing the TLM program, I got all of the answers I was looking for. I came in feeling a little bit lost, down, and frustrated with my life. By the end of the sessions, that had all disappeared. I was filled with clarity, focus, joy and appreciation for myself and others."

- Johnathan C., Toronto, ON

"Thais helped me so much! I really got a hold on procrastination and I became significantly more productive. I understand productivity and efficiency in an entirely new light! Thank you Thais!"

- Saeed L., North York, ON